Erosion control

Erosion control

Do you live in an area which falls victim to many different winds or flooding? This may require you to better protect your property by avoiding nature’s hand and keeping the soil in place. This means securing your soil or water with walls, basins or silt fences. This can greatly reduce the pollution of run-off onto your property as well as maintain a beautiful landscape.

Certified Erosion Prevention & Sediment Control Inspector Program

You know the dirt, silt, and sludge that forms on the bottom of bodies of water? The particulate sediment that erodes from part of your pond and get’s carried to another? It’s wreaking havoc on your ecosystem! Water clarity and quality are very important to you, so it’s important to have licensed inspections carried out yearly to make sure unhealthy levels of sediment are not being eroded and deposited where you don’t want them. Sediment can even damage lakes, rivers and streams where your property drains! InCompliance has all the skills, certifications and insurance to remove existing sediment, reduce the erosion of remaining minerals. With a full array of big machinery to get big jobs done, the sediment control and erosion prevention process will be done before the EPA knocks on your door.

Silt Fencing

As mentioned with erosion control, a possible solution to keeping your water and soil where it needs to be is through Silt fencing. These fences are simple to put up and reduce the potentially harmful effect of soil effected by run off in the nearby area. We are available for this procedure which can vastly improve your water quality.

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