Pond Services & Construction

Pond Services & Construction

Just like with Lake construction, the technical depths and location are key. If there are certain creatures or fish you’re interested in housing, then we can help inform you about regional differences which may make or break your dream pond.

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Pond Contour Mapping

When building a pond, and during the technical discussions, we can walk you through the potential risks within a site. As certain soil settles at different rates, if you construct a pond on top of loose soil, it may become more of a mud-hole than a clear pond. We provide a map for the present pond bed, and explain the potential changes your body of water may go through.

Pond Maintenance Schedule

Once your pond has been brought back in compliance with regulations, it is best economically to stay current with vegetative maintenance and inspections of your pond. InCompliance can set you up on quarterly, semi-annual or annual maintenance schedules.

Pond Survey

For existing ponds, we can visit and provide you with a technical read-out of the depth, porosity, and density of the soil of your pond-bed. This may serve as a preventative solution to potential issues.

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InCompliance is known for great results that help people achieve their Stormwater and Lake Management needs. But on top of that, we love supporting and servicing our community with the best of our abilities. InCompliance is a company that cares about both the bottom line and giving back to the communities we serve.

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